Where Is Home? – A Collection of Audience Reviews

Where Is Home? – A Collection of Audience Reviews


This past October, STATE OF EMERGENCY toured the UK with its new show Where Is Home?, a dance theatre production, a musical and an international collaboration between artists and organisations from the UK, South Africa and the USA, presenting new music, song and dance, film and spoken word.

Choreographers Bafana Solomon Matea, Michael Joseph and Dumisani Muntu Ngubane worked intensively with the dancers – Akona Florian, Tshediso Kabulu, Tony Banyatsi, Nosiphiwo Samente and Thapelo Kotlolo – to create an incredible tale of migration, freedom, identity and love.

Where Is Home? also includes new composition by English singer and producer, Steve Marshall and Grammy winning South African flautist, Wouter Kellerman. Other musicians and contributors include Ratshepe Makhene (electric bass and vocals), David Klassen (drums and percussion), Michele Montolli (double bass), Ed Hick (drums and percussion), Anthony St. Helene (drums and percussion) and Reuben White (congas).

The show has been delighting and inspiring audiences in London, Bristol, Stamford, Grantham, Bedford and Dartington, and here are some of their testimonials:


A beautiful tale combining tradition with modern; a story of love, identity, internal and social conflict. Beautifully amalgamated colour, dance, music and history.

– Nela Klomfarova –


It was amazing! I loved it so much. Being from Zimbabwe I was able to relate to the music and storyline. I really enjoyed it. Hell yes!

– Charmaine Zinyemba – 


Did not expect it to be that style of performance. Loved the blend of music, dance and theatre. Really impactful scenes that are relevant in today’s world. The cast and live band were incredible.

– Harry Whittaker –


Great use of tables as the only props. Relevant to all the home seekers of today – the migrants, refugees, rural dispossessed. Afro-American music and dance has moved the world so much.

– Adam Cade –


Fantastic! A wonderful mix of African and contemporary Western dance. I loved the energy and commitment of the company.

– Brenda smith –


Very moving. I have lived in South Africa. I could feel the tensions and the tribal element was well portrayed. The dancers were terrific. Thank you!

– Liz Walsh –


Beautiful. Dancing incredible, showing tradition and modern dance, telling an amazing story. Made me want to dance with you!

– Petra Klomfarova –


Where Is Home?  builds on State of Emergency’s international development programme which has so far included projects in the USA, Japan, Canada, Germany, Brazil and South Africa.


Photo © 2016 Peter Japal


November 23rd, 2016

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