State of Emergency over New York City! Keith Richards meets The Upsetter downtown!

State of Emergency over New York City! Keith Richards meets The Upsetter downtown!

SOE’s Steve Marshall is still getting over the historic recording session that took place at Germano Recording Studios on Broadway, Manhattan on Monday 23rd September.

Back in August, Keith Richards’ manager Jane Rose got in touch with Steve. Keith wanted Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry to mix a track for the new solo album he’s making with drummer and producer Steve Jordan.

Keith had played guitar on several of State of Emergency’s productions for Lee Perry, including the Grammy nominated album ‘Revelation’ (2011). So ‘Scratch’ was keen to return the favour.

These guys had admired each other from a distance for decades and were both looking for a chance to work together. Steve Marshall is very proud to have been able to arrange this amazing meeting between the King of Rock and the King of Reggae.

At the session, Lee turned up first and got straight down to business. The track in question is Keith’s own version of ‘Love Is Overdue’ by Gregory Isaacs.

By the time Keith rolled in, the studio was firing on all cylinders. With The Upsetter at the controls and a studio full of KR’s Rock ‘n Roll motley crew, a party was bound to follow. Lee even did his own DJ version, laying down a live vocal using his own jewel encrusted SM58.

For the dub mix ‘Scratch’ called in his apprentice, Steve Marshall, who took over the controls and, with Lee tapping out an S.O.S on an original Morse Code device, flew the studio like a spaceship through the universe of dub.

Watch this space for more photos and live film footage. L-R Stevie Jordan, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Keith Richards, Steve Marshall.


September 30th, 2013

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