Q&A | State of Emergency: Michael Joseph – Choreographer, Dance Artist, Teacher and Film Maker

Q&A | State of Emergency: Michael Joseph – Choreographer, Dance Artist, Teacher and Film Maker


A choreographer, dance artist, teacher and DSLR dance filmmaker, Michael Joseph has consistently worked nationally and internationally since completing his training at Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary Dance 27 years ago. In 2008, he left his position as Assistant Artistic Director with Union Dance after 23 years to establish his career as an Independent Dance Artist.

His work has been influenced and inspired by an eclectic mix of various choreographers, and he has had the privilege to work with Bill T Jones, Doug Elkins, Rafael Bonachela, Laurie Booth, B Boys, Axè (Capoeirista), Tom Jobe and Derek Williams.

His movement language fuses different styles of dance using strong Contemporary Dance training as his base whilst incorporating Martial Arts, Brazilian rooted Capoeira, B Boying and Urban Dance styles. Digital Technology has also been in the core of his work and training and he produces digital imagery/film as a key element for the majority of his choreographic work.


You are happiest when …
Dancing in a dance studio with dance music.


What is the best thing everybody says about you? 
I’m always smiling and that I’m calm.


What is your earliest memory?
Having a replica… I’m a twin!


What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Bethany and Jamie ever growing achievement


Tell us a secret
Secrets are to be kept secret, that’s the Secret Law!


The last song you listened to today
Double Barrel by Dave & Ansel Colins on the radio with David Rodigan


What makes you unhappy?
War and its bi-products: Weapons of mass distruction and hatred for another human


What is your favourite word?


The best place to watch the sunset
By the sea


Happiness smells like….
A summer’s day with freshly cut lawn lingering in the background


Fear smells like…
Fear the fear


What did you want to be when you were growing up?
A nurse


The last book you read
A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller


Do you sing or dance under the shower?
Nope… no space to do that and I don’t have a great singing voice.


What does love feel like?
Universal happiness when it’s right, depressing sadness when it goes wrong.


Where is home?
Where my body is.


Michael Joseph has co-choreographed State of Emergency’s latest dance theatre production Where Is Home?, which tours the UK in October 2016. The show includes new composition from singer/songwriter and producer Steve Marshall and Grammy winning South African flautist, Wouter Kellerman, who have been working together, with the choreographers and dancers, to create the live performance and a recorded soundtrack.



September 7th, 2016

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